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MIDI generator app


I am curious how/if you can set up an app that generates MIDI data from incoming time events, then spits them back into your sdk framework.

Could you give a little background on a setup like that?

I'm guessing this is generators but you don't have a sample of this type of app.




  • Michael,

    currently Audioroute supports MIDI data in the communication between host and hosted app. So the scenario you describe could be implemented with an host app generating MIDI to be sent to the hosted app. The host app itself could then be hosted by another app (an host can simultaneously act as an host and as an hosted app).


  • Thanks!

    Ok, this makes sense.

    So, does this mean that I have to be responsible for the midi clock sync?

    Can you give any more info on this in like a master/slave paradigm?

    I am just trying to wrap my head around, if I want to make a arp or something, do I have to be responsible for the clock being a host app?

  • Like with VST/AU instruments, MIDI is synched to the audio in a sample-accurate way. MIDI events are sent together with audio buffers, each MIDI event has an offset from the beginning of the buffer, so that it can be placed by the synth at the very sample offset it is supposed to start playing.
    So in your hypotetical arp app, you will have audio streaming going on (from the app to the audio device), so at any given time the clock is how many samples have been streamed at that point in time. If the arp app is in turn hosted it could then pass along the sample position passed by its host.

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