Connect the music apps you love.

Audioroute brings app-to-app audio to the Android world.
Exchange live audio and MIDI between your favourite music apps
and create unique combinations of sounds.

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What is Audioroute?

Audioroute is an open source library for exchanging audio and MIDI
between Android apps.

This means you can simultaneously use different apps that generate or manipulate audio, and achieve unique combinations of sounds and effects.

If you're using your Android smartphone or tablet to make music and sounds, then this is great news for you, as you will be able to use synths, effects and audio apps like never before.

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Add Audioroute to your app

The Audioroute library makes it possible
to exchange audio and MIDI between apps.

Developers can add Audioroute support to their audio apps by integrating our simple SDK, and make it discovareable by other apps supporting Audioroute.

To get started, read the developer guide. You can then create an account and download the sample code.

Once your Audioroute-enabled app is live on the Play Store, mark it as Live in the Dev Console, so we can showcase it in the Supported Apps section.